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Recent trend of PhD education abroad and how to be a successful PhD

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报告摘要:There has been a paradigm shift in recent years about the postgraduate education abroad. It changes from a traditional apprenticeship model to a more structured doctoral training program. In this talk, I shall discuss the current development of PhD education in the UK, especially in the University of Bristol, and highlight the challenges how to become a successful PhD in the new knowledge-based economy.


报告人简介:Prof Bo Su, Head of Bioengineering Materials Research Department, Center for Applied Clinical and Material Sciences, School of Dentistry, University of Bristol. His main research interests include micron and nano-fabrication of dental materials, dental biomimetic composites, dental and orthopaedic implants, etc. In Biomaterials, Dental Materials and other international first-class science. More than 100 papers have been published in academic journals, 2 international patents have been awarded, and more than 10 scientific research projects have been presided over.